Clear Skies

The weather is a bit better today. It’s not particularly warm, but the clouds are gone, and the sun is out. I have a nice view of the quad from my window. More work to do today, but at least in this last term it’s at a minimum – four hours in one day is the worst it gets. This afternoon I’ll have another two hours of Fortran90 programming – my first formal introduction to a real programming language, which began last monday.
The other subject I have a lot of lectures for is maths – four hours of that a week. The lecturer is german, and has never lectured in England before, which causes a couple of problems, most notable of those being that this morning it took some of us a few minutes to work out that what he was writing was not, in fact, a rather unfortunate looking R but some strange interpretation of the letter k. Looking forward to having that for the next five weeks.


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