Today I went to see Revenge of the Sith at the cinema. We got the bus too late, as usual, and arrived twenty minutes after the supposed start time – not so late for the film to have started yet, but late enough for there to be almost no seats left. I snagged an empty seat at the back, but one of us wasn’t so lucky and ended up sitting the whole film in the aisle, heh.
I know what you’re thinking – come on, come on, we don’t wanna hear about your stinking seats, tell us about the film!
Well, I thought it was alright, really. The opening bit – the famous words scrolling up the screen – didn’t work so well, since they used it to establish what should have been set up in the first minutes of actual movie, but that’s just a little thing and not worth complaining about.
Yes, there were still some problems with the acting – some bits of dialogue didn’t seem quite right, Hayden Christiansen hasn’t quite got the hang of “angry” yet (though managed it occasionally, perhaps by accident), and Natalie Portman still doesn’t know how to cry.
The film also contained a completely pointless appearance from Chewbacca, which served no purpose whatsoever, and a very short conversation between Yoda and Obi-Wan that seemed like it’d just been thrown in at the end.
And then there’s Vader’s first fully-suited appearence. When Vader screamed “NOOOOOOOOOO!”, that was exactly what I was thinking of the scene. Horrible.

But other than all that, pretty good.


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