It occurs to me I may have come across as overly critical of Revenge of the Sith in my last post – truth is I focused on the negatives on purpose, because they’re easier to point out and discuss. It helps, however, to talk of the better points also, to prevent giving an inaccurate impression of the work discussed. Therefore, here are the parts of RotS that I particularly liked (leaving out those that were merely ‘alright’):
-First up, the slaughter in the Jedi temple by Lord Vader – seemed good, and well enough done to achieve the emotional effect intended.
-“Order 66” – the short scenes of the Jedi Masters’ betrayals worked well.
-Vader killing the Seperatist leaders, fairly good scene, but the three I’ve listed all sort of go together.

Basically, one chunk of the middle part of the film was fairly good (though it did have Padme and Wookie scenes interspersed with the good bits), and overall the other parts weren’t too bad, but it did have it’s weak points (see previous post). And we still could have done without the “NOOOOOOOOOO!”


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