Recently I’ve been doing quite a bit of work on the message boards (link). I gave in and decided to being them up to the latest version of phpBB2, but because of mods I can’t just upload all the files and run an installer – I have to go through the code changes one by one, which means a lot of cut-and-paste. It’s repetative, but I actually like doing it sometimes. I also have a few new mods lined up, one of which I’ve been putting off for a while now due to the ridiculously large amount of code changing involved. The only problem with my methods is that when I update I put each altered file online as it’s completed – which probably means error messages for anyone who tries to visit halfway through an update. Sorry about that.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to remind people about my reading list, linked at the top of the page. On there you can find some pretty good reads, with links to places they can be bought.


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