Me, that’s who.

What sort of person starts talking themselves out of doing what they’ve just spent hours getting themselves to start?


2 thoughts on “Me, that’s who.

  1. My essay. Finally sat down to finish it off earlier this afternoon, and immediately thought ‘maybe I can just go on Rome: Total War for another hour’. I didn’t – I realised of course how stupid it was telling myself I could afford to wait a little longer so soon after I’d been saying ‘I should start writing now, I shouldn’t be doing _____’.

    Oh, and now that I’ve realised I’ll never hit 3000 words by just writing what I’m supposed to write, I’m padding it out with irrellevant discussion of things like classical electromagnetism and Newton’s laws of gravity, heh.

    And on another note: My new Firefox Gmail extension is pretty good – I knew the second someone commented here, because it popped up to tell me I’d gotten the notification email. :)

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