“Cut Your Hair”

At long last, I got my hair cut on monday. I needed it quite badly. Now it’s unusual, I’m not used to having short hair any more, heh. At least it looks a helluva lot better.
I should be going down to York tomorrow, to let my mam have a look at where I’ll be living this year, and decide what I’ll need to take down. This’ll be the first time I’ve been to the house since we got the guided tour when we were still hunting for places to live. Hopefully it won’t turn out to be a complete shithole, because I seem to remember it being alright – though my memory isn’t to be entirely trusted.
And then the weekend – my parents are going down to a car show at Sheffield, so I’ll be home alone for a few days. I may have to learn how to forage for food. Then again, I do need to lose weight.


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