A Writing Update

Some of you may have been wondering what’s been going on with my writing lately (‘you’ being the three of you who read this; ‘some’ being just me) . Well, I can sum it up in two words: What writing?
Heh. Well, I haven’t exactly written nothing over the summer. By my count, I’ve put pen to paper seriously four times in the last few months – and on one of those occasions I was so bereft of ideas I wrote a page about my handwriting, and why I had to use a different pen that day (a leaked cartridge). I had a small idea just a few days ago – nothing much, just a line or two in my head, and I thought I could turn it into something interesting; perhaps a little surreal. When I started to write it I found out it was a poem, and my usual failings spoiled it – I just seem incapable of putting enough effort in to actually work through little problems. I was trying so little that it ended up too short and pretty rubbish in execution. It didn’t even end up being about what I’d first wanted it to, because I’d started writing down whatever came into my head – and my head was trying to make the poem rhyme (and this was a poem completely unsuited to rhyming). I keep thinking about going back and trying to fix it, but just can’t seem to bring up the energy to work on it.


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