“Meep meep”

Lotta stuff going on soon – less than two weeks from now, in fact.
On the 8th of October, I’m taking my driving test again. I’m fairly confident I’ll manage it this time (wish me luck).

On the 9th, I move back down to York, into the room I’m renting in a house with some other students. There’s still quite a bit to sort out there – bills, phone, internet, TV license, shouldn’t be too much hassle working it all out. The biggest problem is for me personally, and my cahs-flow problem. As in, the non-existent flow of imaginary cash. I still haven’t had a response from student finance about my loan application, but I’m holding out hope that my loan’ll come through on the 10th, but apart from that, I’m pretty much broke. My calculations tell me that my loan will cover the rent, and nothing more. I need a job, or I’ll not eat.

Upside – my birthday on the 14th (yay!), so I should get a little cash then. Downside – the amount of actual physical cash I have in my possession is inversely proportional to my ability to resist buying books. And it ain’t that high to begin with.

Worst case scenario: I get kicked out of the house for not paying rent, kicked out of uni for not paying tuition, but I have another bookshelf filled, so all’s well.


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