Let me tell you a story.

It concerns willpower, in how it relates to my spending habits. I went into town today, mainly because I had nothing else to do. I thought maybe I’d get a CD or something (It’s been a while since I’ve bought any music). I certainly wasn’t going to buy any books – I have five to read and three more coming in the post. I’d decided a while back that I’d not buy any more until I’d read every one I had already. Oh how wrong I was…

First things first, I needed the bathroom so I headed into Borders to use the one in there. While I was in the store, decided to have a look around, see what sort of things were on the shelves – I had been thinking since the week before about getting a few Neil Gaiman books on Borders’ three for two offer. Well, Borders no longer had three of Gaiman’s books in stock, but I looked around and saw some other things I’d been considering – Gene Wolfe, mainly. I’d read the Book of the New Sun already, and though the style wasn’t entirely to my taste it had still been good. The concept behind one of his books, Latro in the Mist, intrigued me, and I decided that I could spare ten pounds anyway, and I wasn’t going to be buying again until I’d eaten away at the to-read stack a bit more. So, I popped across the road to get some cash from the machine. By the time I came back, though, I’d almost changed my mind – I could come back and buy the book any time, and I wasn’t in a hurry to start reading it with all the others I gave to get through. I kept browsing for a little while I made up my mind. Fuck it, might as well. I had to wait a while to get at the shelf, because a girl was there looking at the Fantasy Masterworks series and recommending some to her boyfriend. If you’ve looked at my reading list page you’ll know I’ve read a few from that series; from the generally high quality of the selection, I’m always willing to try more of them. On this occasion, the girl happened to notice the book I’d been considering most recently, Roger Zelazny’s Chronicles of Amber – “Oh, have you read Amber?” “No.” “Oh, you should, it’s really really good!” – The final straw. I’d resisted getting this one after I read the first page a year earlier and saw the phrase “stacking Z’s” used seriously in a novel, but I kept hearing people going on about how great this series was, so finally decided to give in and try it. So, I left Borders with Wolfe’s Latro in the Mist and Zelazny’s Amber, which would’ve cost be £23, but with student discount cost just £18. After that, I wasn’t likely to let myself spend any more, so I just headed home again.

The moral of the story? You can never have enough books.

….Wait a minute, that doesn’t sound righ-


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