Some places on the web just take themselves far too seriously. Me, I take nothing seriously. It all tends to work out better that way.

What I’m talking about, by the way, is It’s a site where I’ve been participating in the forums a lot recently (mostly just the fantasy forum). This is the first time anything like this has happened to me there, and it’s only the tiniest little thing, and yet the whole attitude behind the thing just scared me off from the site today. Someone posted in a topic saying that Mieville was “rancid trash” (with a grin smiley). I responded with an angry face smiley (two actually, because of that goddamned minumum character thing that doesn’t even count quotations) – not because I was actually angry, but in a joking sense – something that would have been immediately appreciated over at Kevin’s Watch. The next reply was KatG telling both of us that we were “pushing the boundaries of the rules”. If indicating your opinion with a humourous smiley is “pushing the boundaries”, I’d better avoid responding with ‘heh’ or I might risk getting banned.

From a while back (edited for relevance and brevity):

dAN: Honestly, I’d like to see the banner sigs go away, the URL sigs to go away, the Emoticon sigs to go away, and the regular sigs to be limited to 4 lines.
Murrin: URL sigs? Grr. Try and stop me.
dAN: Yeah, the URL’s have GOT to go…….

Now what’s the harm in that?


2 thoughts on “Bah.

  1. That discussion forum sounds pretty strict. Glad I’m not a member there — I would get banned right away with my sick sense of humor. ;-)

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