For once in my life I feel like discussing my ideas (it’ll be in a note format, however, so bear with me). Less than two days until the NaNoWriMo starts, and I’m really trying to work out where I want to go with this.
I’ve already fixed on a few things: It’ll be third person limited, it’ll have one PoV char, and no other major characters (actually, this depends how things go. I naturally write with a minimum of words, and I’ve been thinking that if I finish this first chars story too soon, I might put in a second, parallel storyline from another PoV). That is, the main character will be the only fleshed-out char with a full backstory, and most other characters will not be recurring, and stay peripheral to the main characters story.
I’d like to try and justify this (if only to get it all organised in my head), but first the plot idea:

Faber Mills was a blacksmith in a small town before the war started. Then the southerners invaded, and towns started falling to them. The advance raiding parties reached his home town, and he joined in the defense along with the rest of the men of the town. They managed to hold off the attackers for a while, but some raids were more successful than others. In one of these attacks, his (wife/daughter/niece?) was killed.
The novel starts at this point.
Then comes the biggest attack yet, and the town begins to fall to the invaders. Faber suffers an injury in the fighting, and he and a few of the surviving townfolk escape and head north. They eventually arrive at the camp of an army resisting the invasion, and Faber is left with the healers there. Because of his injuries he spends some time (weeks?) with the army recovering. At the end of this, he decides to stay with the army and fight.
This is where my ideas get a bit more vague.
Faber goes to war, and it is devastating. Carnage, death, mayhem – but he survives one battle, and the next. No-one in the ranks is quite sure how the war is going. Eventually comes a large engagement, and in a horrific defeat Faber’s army is slaughtered. Small groups of soldier escape the massacre, and Faber manages to get away (with a couple of squad members? alone?). He somehow finds himself travelling with a mercenary company for a time, and after the company falls apart tries to go back to a quiet life (in village? what about the war? is the village unaffected?).
That’s all I have for now. I have vague ideas of imprisonment/enslavement, but I’m not sure about it or how it could come about.

Other notes:
-Mercenary company with the army originally? Same company Faber joins up with?
-Serious injury in big battle? Long term effects?
-End novel with Faber’s death? How would this come about?

Ok, now that’s over, back to the PoV and character issues. I said that i’d not flesh out other characters particularly, and give very little backstory. Basically, the idea is that Faber is/has become very isolated, quite a loner type, and he doesn’t really let himself get close to people he meets. The members of his squad in the army (I’ve got ideas for them, they will have personalities but might not be in the story for much time) he interacts with, but he doesn’t try to find out about their pasts or share his own – a bit of a brooder, this one. The story is basically about Faber, about his journey, his life after it was taken from him.

Hope I haven’t completely bored you with this babble.

Edit: I’ll also note that I’ve decided this story isn’t fantasy – the place doesn’t exist, the war never happened, but I can’t think of any reason why it might be classed as fantasy. I don’t know where it fits now.


3 thoughts on “Concepts

  1. Note from the future: Yes, I am quite bothered now by how casually sexist the bit about his “wife/daughter/niece?” getting killed is. But I never finished the thing, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

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