A sample.

2500 words in, and I’ve finished the first chapter. That makes this officially the longest single piece of prose I’ve written in at least a decade. Here’s a sample of the final lines:

The sound of the rustling leaves of the wood swelled and filled his head, the susurration bringing to mind the sound of running water; distant laughter; the scent of spring blossoms in her hair…
“Faber! There’s a wagon, Faber!” The voice was faint, as from a long distance away. “Faber? Can you hear me?” He felt someone touching his arm, and a face drifted in front of his vision – young, dark haired, with grim, haunted eyes. He didn’t know the soldier’s name.
“Who are you, anyway?” he muttered, as the world came crashing up to meet him, and everything went black.

I’m not sure how well I pulled that bit off, but I think I did okay. I intend to (finally, after all these hints and allusions) recount the story of Faber’s lost love at the start of the next chapter.


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