Progress? What Progress?

So I hit ten thousand on monday, as you may have noticed. Today, I stand at a grand total of 11400. Yes, that’s right, in three days I’ve written 1400 words.
I’ve reached another turning point today – 1100 of those 1400 words were wrtten this afternoon, as I closed the chapter begun on sunday. And that is where my story trails off. I need to know more about the conflict before I can continue – so it’s time to start my second storyline, my other main char. Problem is, I have to work out where to start. I’ve already quite sneakily included the character in the last chapter, but unidentified and with a lot of the events of the scene hidden from the reader. Now I have to pick a place to begin this persons story – do I go right back, way back to the start of the invasion? Do I jump back to the day before the battle, which took place two days before the point in the story I’m up to? Do I start writing after the end of the piece I’ve written so far? All I know about this character is that he knows more of whats going on than Faber, and that he has to be used to show the pieces I missed out of the last scene. Other than that, all I have is a name: Demeter Tor (nothing to do with the publishing company, or the rock formation).
I was supposed to be beginning it right now, but the words for these posts come much easier than the words of my story. I know what I want to say, here.

In other news, my blog received its first external link from another WordPress site (granted, it was in a list of just about every NaNoWriMo blog there is). Rejoice.


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