Well, this was probably to be expected.

As a wonderful testament to my attantion span, I’ve started writing a new science-fantasy piece instead of working on my horribly flagging NaNoWriMo progress. Stupid thing to do, because I haven’t thought enough about what I want to do with the new idea.
My NaNoWriMo piece, by the way, has progressed a massive 5000 words in the last 9 days. I’m not sure if i’m genuinely losing interest in the thing, or just seeing how far behind I am and thinking subconsciously that it’s no longer worth trying.


4 thoughts on “Well, this was probably to be expected.

  1. It *is* tough. I ran out of steam a week ago, when I got really busy with family things. But I am going back to my story – I already have thought out a couple of major revisions – and I will finish it. I’m pretty sure it won’t be done by November 30, though. ;-)


  2. My big fear at the minute is that I’ll return to my usual pace – a few desultory words here and there, then stop and file it in the ‘oldstuff’ folder on my computer. I need to make myself write for a little while every now and then (at least every week) and actually finish this thing, even if it’s not within NaNoWriMo. I could never reach 50k from this point anyway (30k, perhaps, if I really went at it hard and wrote whatever I could, however bad).

  3. I have not attempted it yet. A friend of mine is doing it, though, and he has managed a bit over 40K so far. He seems to be enjoying it.

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