Shop ’til you Drop

Saturday saw my first half-hearted attempt at christmas shopping, wandering aimlessly around the centre of York, browsing through the bookstores as always but avoiding Virgin and HMV because of the week-before-christmas crowds. Eventually I phoned my dad at work to see if he had any idea what I could get people for christmas. Turned out my mam was there with him, and she gave me the name of a CD my sister had asked for.
I made my way back toward HMV to brave the crowd and purchase it, all the while having her voice in my ear, saying yes and laughing occasionally in response to a series of questions my mind couldn’t quite seem to keep track of. After finding the CD in question I spent five minutes stood in front of the shelf waiting for this one-sided conversation to end. When it finally did, I grabbed the CD and headed immediately for the checkout. I exited the press of bodies in the doorway thankfully unscathed, and, my work for the day complete, headed off toward Burger King.
Now, it must be saidthat there exists a certain subculture in York, one of street performers and vendors of cheap goods, and as I made my way back through the holiday crowds I was accosted by one such person. He was selling things for charity, and after having me stand through his “I see you’ve already been to HMV” and “We’re raising money for” and suchlike, he finally got to the point: “So, could you spend two pounds on this novelty joke book?”
I had barely begun to shake my head and he was latching onto the next person to enter his field of vision.
Without further incident I reached Burger King then began my walk home, Bacon Double Cheeseburger in one hand, Coke in the other.
I happened to pass on my way an old clothing shop, with mannequins in the window. One of these somehow caught my eye, a tall, dark-haired plastic beauty, then I glanced through the glass of the door, and for a moment it was as if the mannequin had somehow come to life, and now stood behind the counter serving customers. The odd moment passed as I left the store behind me, but the notion stuck with me – I may write a story about it some day.

To bring things up to date, on Sunday I got the train back home for christmas, and spent monday lounging around the house. Tuesday I went out and bought two christmas cards, but still no more presents. I’ll be lounging around again today.


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