Moral Shmoral

From Kevin’s Watch:

Novels have, or should have premises, that is, some over-arching (pardon the pun!) moral to the story. The moral depends on the author’s outlook, fears and hopes, of life.

Oh how I do hate that concept. A novel should have a story. That’s it. No other requirements necessary (though some talent at writing is appreciated; and, of course there are exceptions – though whether the term ‘novel’ is accurate in those cases is debatable). I’ve always hated the idea of stories with a moral. Hate it. Absolutely. Art for art’s sake, that’s the way it should be.
But then, if I wrote a story without a moral, people with that outlook would probably say that the message in my story is that there aren’t morals in life. :roll:


One thought on “Moral Shmoral

  1. I myself would rather read a novel with an engaging plot and interesting characters that doesn’t have a deep moral or morals than a weak story written just to make a point (the crap books by Terry Goodkind being a great example of the second sort of novel).


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