OneWay ?

I think I’m starting to take OneWord a little too seriously. Okay, so it’s helping me a lot, I think. I get a word and I just write a sentence or three on a situation that pops into my head, in whatever format or style it suits. For example, today’s word was “befriend”:

So I walked up to him and said ‘hey’. He glanced at me, grunted, then went back to watching the kids over by the fountain. I leant against the wall next to him, and waited.

Freeform, whatever comes comes, no context needed – a story, in itself each time. A snapshot.
What makes me think I’m getting to serious about it is when I look at other entries. Okay, so not everyone does this to keep their writing mind in shape, but does that really justify posting nothing but a definition? Alright, alright, so those are rare. But then there are the ones that talk about the word – when I actually sit and look at them, there’s nothing worng with it, but they just irritate me on first sight, because there’s no substance there – just words with nothing to them. No feeling.
And part of me knows it’s just me, it’s just me projecting my expectations for myself onto the other people using the site. It just seems like there are very few people using it the way I am, and that shakes my perception of it.


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