Garden Life

I’d just lain down in bed last night, and I looked up at my bedroom window only to see a big shape right in the middle of the glass–a very big snail was climbing up my window. It took me a second before I was sure it was on the outside. I sat and watched it move up the surface, seeing the strange ripples on its underside as it moved up the pane. It moved over to the central part of the frame and slid up onto it. I watched it all the way up to the top of the frame, until it was out of sight above the top of the window. I can’t help wondering where it went next–above my window, there’s a small overhang of roof, so the snail would have to be completely upside-down to cross it. Would it carry on upwards regardless, or take a different path? While I was watching it, it didn’t seem to care what the surface was it slid across. It just kept on going where it wanted to go. Did it know where it was going, or did it just move for the sake of moving?


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