Talk About “Limited”

John Scalzi is currently holding an auction on his blog for a bound copy of the manuscript to his latest novel, The Last Colony.
Now, this is a very interesting opportunity for any collectors, because the book is one of only four of its kind. Scalzi had the copies printed through, one for personal use, one for his wife, and two extra, and it is one of these the winner of the auction will receive. The finished book will not be published until May 2007.
If you’re interested and have the money, go ahead and make a bid. If the bidding gets high enough, the author is offering to add in bonus items to the deal. All the money goes to the John M Ford Book Endowment.


4 thoughts on “Talk About “Limited”

  1. I have been wanting to read his “Old Man’s War” – it sounds like a book I would really enjoy!

    ~ duchy

  2. I bought it myself just recently. In my case, its his blog which provided the impetus–Scalzi himself, his writing and his sense of humour, is advertisement enough for his books.

    The auction, by the way, closed today with the book going for $5000, a sum donated by Bill Schafer of Subterranean Press. Scalzi offered a short story if the bidding got that high, so preordering has opened on “The Sagan Diary”, a story tied in to the “Old Man” series. Look here for details.

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