Twenty One

For the occasion, my mam and grandma came down to visit, and we went into the centre of town. We stopped for lunch at the Roman Bath pub, which I’d not been in before. The food was good; I had Hunter’s Chicken, which is no change really.
After lunch, we went to look around the shops. With their encouragement, I used some of my birthday money to buy some very nice editions of The Iliad, The Odyssey, and The Divine Comedy, which I unfortunately don’t have the space to shelve right now.
I also now have a brand new pair of trainers, courtesy of my sister, who had been threatening for some time now to throw away the seven year old pair I’ve been wearing.


3 thoughts on “Twenty One

  1. What in the world are trainers? I think that this is one of those places where English and American English must be very different, as I have no clue what you have been wearing for seven years?

    Happy Birthday! Mine will be on Tuesday, but I will be a much older 42! LOL!! But I hope my husband will get me books, too. ;-)


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