Back In Action

The website was dead. There had been no warning. The backups were a month old and in the wrong format. And yet, still I manage to rise up from the ashes of’s collapse with (almost) the whole site intact. Yep, I’m back.

Rather than go to the trouble of finding yet another free host, I decided just to hop onto; I had the database, after all. But of course it couldn’t be that simple. doesn’t give you database access–the only way to import old posts is through a thing called WXR–which doesn’t even exist in the current version of WordPress.

Of course, I didn’t know that. It was only after I spent a long time working, eventually getting the old site fully functional hosted on my computer, and searched in vain for the option, that I found that out. The option is on, and on the WordPress 2.1 alpha test.
Thankfully, someone had took the code and made a plugin. Within minutes, my wordpress was displaying most of my posts again.

…I had to cut and paste the reading list. For some reason it doesn’t import pages. Or links.

So, this isn’t much changed from the old place, so it’ll be easy enough to carry on. The backend, where I write the posts, is a little clumsy, but ther were a couple options to turn off some of the new ‘features’.

The worst part is, they don’t let you edit the themes, so we’re stuck with the annoyingly excessive use of the word “The” that comes with ‘Green Marinee’. And those ugly tick signs.

But however we might suffer, the fact remains: AnotherPlace is back online.


2 thoughts on “Back In Action

  1. Wow. I was wondering what had happened, as I have not been able to get to your blog for days now.I was going to send you a PM about it pretty soon! I am glad to see you up and running again!!

    ~ duchy

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