A couple of things I read today, because they’re both pretty good:

Everything is Better With Zombies, Hannah Wolf Bowen’s story from Phantom #0, which has apparently gotten a couple of Stoker award recommendations.

Also: Elizabeth Bear posted a sample of Dust, the novel she’s just started working on, to her liveJournal. Shows why I’m so interested in Bear’s work, even though I’m yet to read a whole one of her books. That is from a first draft, and it’s damn good.

I’m reminded that I linked to some short stories by Nick Mamatas during November, but the post has been lost when my old host shut down, so here are those links again:
Scarlet Women Watch TV Till Dawn
The Bloodied Woman
Who Put The Bomp? (with Eliani Torres)
The last two there have also picked up Stoker recs.


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