So yesterday I finished up Jeff Smith’s Bone, reading the last third in a couple of hours. I had a train to catch, and I wouldn’t be taking the book with me.
The comic continued to live up to the praise I gave it earlier, right through the second section and into the final part; in the end, though, it seems that level of excellence just couldn’t be held. The climax of the book comes quickly, and is over all to soon. More than that, I was left with the feeling that it was all too easy. I don’t think it was entirely due to my rushing through the denouement: the last chapters were lacking something; some energy had been lost. The last couple of chapters were wrap-up pieces, and they jumped about in time and place with little notice, and still that something wasn’t there when the end came.
That’s not to say that this comic is not as good as it most certainly is. It was just a little disappointing to see the pace drop off; after having the bar raised so high, any dip in quality stands out.
In the end, though, this is a brilliant series, and definately worth seeking out despite these minor flaws. If you haven’t read Bone, go read it as soon as you can.

Buy Bone at
Buy Bone at


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