Haven’t posted in more than a month. This has become too regular an occurence.

In the time while I’ve been quiet, I finished watching every episode of the brilliant Farscape. I’ve yet to see the Peacekeeper Wars–I decided to leave that one until I can buy the DVDs. As it is, I’m left with the season 4 finale, Bad Timing–which is as perfect and ending as I could ask for, to be honest. Yes, it’s a cliffhanger, but it fits the show perfectly: just when they get out of one thing, something bad happens. Life goes on as usual.

In books, not so much has gotten done: I’ve read volume two of Gollancz’s Moorcock series The Tale of the Eternal Champion, this one being the story of the Eternal Champion himself: The Eternal Champion, Phoenix in Obsidian, and The Dragon in the Sword. It starts with the fairly simple–if still morally complex–tale of Erekosë, and then continues in each story with something a little more conflicted, more ambiguous, while the Champion’s destiny is slowly made more clear. A really great read.


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