A Lack Of Impetus

To remind myself of how pathetically lax I’ve been, and perhaps prompt me to get moving on things, a list of things I have started to work on and then abandoned that I really should get on with. I’m going to set myself a loose target for each.

Fatal Revenant review
Introduction complete, have failed to write anything about the novel itself, however. I’ve been sitting on this for more than a week.

Target: Finish by 14/12 Done!

Dust/Last Knight/Title TBD
I wrote the opening a year ago, and have since tried several times to map out a plot, but haven’t actually done anything about it.

Target: Complete opening scene and map out early plot by 29/2

Untitled, currently working under name “Sabotage”
Wrote an opening scene to test my ability of producing something more eventful rather than my usual scene-setting. Further scenes worked out in my head, some plot details, but no actual writing done.

Target: Complete second scene by 31/12

Story based on the ideas gained during my 2006 NaNoWriMo attempt. Have written most of one scene, but am considering abandoning due to lack of story momentum. No idea where it will go beyond opening, hence hesitation to continue.

Target: Proceed beyond opening scene by 21/12 Done (late).

The Ever-Shining City
Series of loosely connected fragments and works building upon earlier fragments in the “city” setting. Have been meaning to begin producing and collecting these pieces for months.

Target: Produce introductory piece by 23/12 31/12 31/1, first content by 31/12 further deadlines pending review of content.


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