In books read.

Watchmen: Classic
Bone: CleverFunny
The Satanic Verses: Lyrical
One Hundred Years of Solitude: Magical
Ink: SF
The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl: Vivid
Snake Agent: Strange
Reaper’s Gale: Ordinary
Mistress of Mistresses: Dry
Nineteen Eighty-Four: Doubleplusgood
The Eternal Champion: Philosophical
From Hell: Intellectual
The Modern World: Energetic
Never Let Me Go: Touching
The Great Gatsby: Rich
Lint: Surreal
The Bloody Chamber: Beauty
Fatal Revenant: Inconsistant
Un Lun Dun: Just right
River of Gods: Diverse

Not all of those are serious, or even accurate.

Book of the year (close call): The Satanic Verses
Runners up: Un Lun Dun, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Bone

The list above drives home the fact for me that despite the fact that I have had more free time this year than any in the past, it’s been my slowest year yet for reading. I have a to-read pile of over fifty books, and I’ll have to work hard to put a dent in that in 2008. One of these days, I’ll reach a point where I can actually read a new book straight after purchasing it.


2 thoughts on “2007

  1. VERY eclectic roster of books, Alan. A nice balance of heavy, ultra-serious with lighter, think-I’ll-give-my-brain-the-night-off stuff. Have you read any Louis Ferdinand Celine? He is, to me, the single most venomous great writer to ever put pen to paper. Not a sentimental bone in his body, a truly nasty man who was, in my view, one of the 20th Century’s greats. Thanks for the post, have a fun ’08…

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