Carry On Regardless

Last week, xkcd posted this. Nail meet head.

First things first: no apologies.

It’s been almost one year and four months since I last posted on this place.
It’s been one year and a little over four months since I started playing World of Warcraft.

I admit, I got a little obsessed. I’m moderating myself now, though. I’m also working, though that might change soon.

The thing about WoW is, it’s kinda easy, and often repetative, but it still manages to feel rewarding (and there are some genuine challenges). It’s a fun game. I also get a bit of a kick out of the story, the lore, behind the game. So you might find I talk about it a bit now and then.

That is assuming I keep updating. Second things second: no promises. I won’t tell you to expect me to keep going. You wouldn’t trust me on that anyway.


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