Checking In

All quiet round here lately. Still plugging away at Jeffrey Ford’s collection The Empire of Ice Cream, which is full of fairly straightforward, entertaining stories somewhere in what I think people might call the slipstream subgenre of fantasy. Some pretty clear fantasy tales, some touching more on the stranger side of realism (nothing explicitly fantastic happens, but there’s an edge of not-quite-real), and some with an element of whimsy. It’s a different tone from most of the books I read.

I’m trying to read more often so I can get around to some of the doorstop fantasy novels I’ve got waiting.

In the meantime, I’ve been slotting in some comics – the full Scott Pilgrim series was pretty good, with a fairly unique voice and sense of humour. I watched the film after finishing the comics, and while they did a pretty good job of making it fit into the movie format, I felt there were a couple of things that didn’t quite work, and it seemed like it all took place over too short a time (a few days rather than the months of the comic storyline) – the main result of that being that you don’t really get to see in the film how the characters of Ramona and Knives grow and mature by the end.

I also read my first ever DC/Marvel superhero comics – Superman: Red Son and The Dark Knight Returns, both of them alternate takes rather than from the main canon. I just don’t feel all that interested in the serials, but it’s easy to dip into stand alone volumes. I enjoyed both.


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