– Sometimes you see something and just wish you had a pen to hand:

– Another batch of books joining the ever-growing to-read pile:

Nick Mamatas’ new novel Sensation, along with his guide for writers Starve Better; Lauren Beukes’ Zoo City, being a recent novel I’ve heard a lot of talk about; and Angela Carter’s The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman.

I decided I wanted to read the latter years ago after hearing about it from one of Jeff VanderMeer‘s posts about must-read works (he seemed to go through a period where he cranked out quite a number of (sometimes very long) lists of genre works, and I can honestly say no recommendation I’ve followed from him has ever let me down).

– Apparently this WordPress theme doesn’t have the ability to centre images; on top of it not letting me leave double line breaks, it’s left this post looking a little crowded.


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