Overdue zine catch-up

I’m not sure why, but I’ve always found it easier to pick up a novel than read short stories. This has led, unfortunately, to collections in my to read pile tending to linger longer, and the few magazines I’ve bought over the years going unread.

I’ve had subscriptions to a couple of magazines in the past – Weird Tales and Electric Velocipede – but only got about halfway through the issues before I stopped finding the time. I know there is a lot of good writing I’m missing in the field of shorter work.

So, a few years late, I’m catching up. Before I move onto another novel I’m going through the unread issues, which are from around 2007-2009, along with one issue of Bull Spec I bought last year after seeing a recommendation.

Who knows, maybe I’ll enjoy it enough to try another subscription, and not waste it.


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