Link Post

So here are some links I saved of things I’ve seen online over the last week or so.

First up, when I read Stepan Chapman’s The Troika back in November I mentioned how it’s a shame the book’s so hard to find; Jeff VanderMeer helpfully showed up in the comments to say they’d be publishing it as an ebook soon. Well, soon is now: The Troika is now available in ebook form. I was lucky enough to get a hard copy for Christmas a few years back (my parents tracked it down from some online seller in Germany, I believe), but people have been missing out on this excellent Philip K. Dick Award-winning surreal novel while it has been out of print. Go get it!

Over on his blog, John Scalzi talked about how his book Redshirts got to be a New York Times bestseller – and why it isn’t an example for how any writer can have a bestseller.

Be sure to check out these great posts on writing female characters:
Alex Dally MacFarlane wants to see more realistic female friendships in fiction, and
Rose Lemberg follows up with what makes a good feminist character – and how overuse of the “Warrior Woman” archetype can be ultimately harmful.

Here’s a link for book lovers that is strangely captivating: Bookshelf Porn (safe for work!). Enjoy.

On the other end of the scale, however, is Buzzfeed’s 25 Depressing Portraits of Closed Bookstores. The book selling business is being hit from a lot of sides: Online purchasing, ebooks, the financial crisis, and the general decline of the high street. A few of these images struck quite a chord.

As if we needed reminding there is still hate and bigotry in the world, we have these responses when Oreo decided to show support for gay pride with a picture of a rainbow-coloured cookie. We still have a long way to go.

Monday’s edition of webcomic a softer world seems appropriate at this point.

In case those last few links were a little too depressing, I’ll leave you with this.


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