A Few Bits and Pieces

Have I ever mentioned how much I love a softer world? These comics are often beautiful/insightful/heartbreaking/hilarious, and they regularly use the alt-text to transform one into the other with the simple addition of one line. Their latest is typically devastating.

While I’m on the subject of webcomics, these are currently the top among those I regularly read: Bad Machinery, Octopus Pie, The Abominable Charles Christopher, Oglaf! (that last one’s NSFW).


In other news, I just got back from seeing The Dark Knight Rises, and it was excellent. I was a little surprised with the amount of screen time Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character got – he seems to be around for more of the film than Christian Bale or Gary Oldman, and he really does a great job as the new character Detective Blake.

If there’s one flaw in the film it’s in the timeline, where five months are meant to pass but not enough seems to happen in Gotham to make that feel right.


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