Lost Days & Delays

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before I have poor self control when it comes to how I spend my time, and that’s not changed. This is by way of saying that I’m not finished this week’s book yet, of course. (It’s Jeff VanderMeer’s short story collection The Third Bear, and it is excellent so far.)

My time’s been vanishing into World of Warcraft again.

A few weeks ago, the 5.0 patch came out, and with it shared mounts across all your characters. A year ago, I moved from playing on North American servers to European ones, which meant getting a new account. North American accounts don’t share mounts with European ones. So for the last couple of weeks I’ve found myself getting heavily drawn back into the game trying to obtain the hundred-and-twenty or so mounts I had on my old account (I’m halfway there). It’s eaten up more of my time than I’d intended.

Next week, the expansion pack Mists of Pandaria launches, which means a lot of new content for me to play through. I suspect I’ll continue to manage my time badly for another few weeks at least.

I guess being aware of the problem might make it easier to restrain myself. We’ll see.

Now, back to reading that book…


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