Twenty Twelve

Twenty-twelve will probably be looked back on as a very significant year for me. It’s a year of firsts, and of discovering things I hadn’t found before (but should have).

This year, I:

  1. Travelled abroad for the first time since my mid-teens. I went to Toronto – my first time crossing the Atlantic – did some sightseeing, went to Niagara Falls and –
  2. Met up with friends from the internet in real life for the first time. A few thousand miles from home I met with a couple of guildmates from World of Warcraft; it was nice getting to know them face to face.
  3. Also while in Toronto, on a bored evening, I joined Twitter. Several years late to the party, I’m now totally obsessed with reading my feed. It’s a very interesting way to see all these little bits and pieces from interesting people, share links and content, and occasionally some big conversation will start up that makes you think.
  4. I travelled up to Edinburgh for a couple of days for the Fringe Festival, saw a few good comedy acts and An Evening With Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer. I just wish I’d planned things better to get more seen.
  5. Spent a weekend in Krakow with my parents and some others. Didn’t do a lot, just saw a few parts of the city. On the last day we went to Auschwitz-Birkenau, which was interesting – and much bigger than I had expected. The kind of thing you don’t forget seeing.
  6. I started little a forum-based role-playing game over on the Kevin’s Watch message boards. It’s my first time doing something like this, and I’m still getting the hang of it; unfortunately it’s been sorely neglected since I had the completion date on my house confirmed. Speaking of which…
  7. 2012 is the year I bought my first home. In November I completed the purchase on a little two bedroom flat, which I’ve spent the last month decorating and partly furnishing. I’m a little disappointed it is taking so long to feel like it’s ready, but I expect to be moving in about a week from now. It’s almost enough to make me feel like an adult. Almost.

So, with 2013 a new stage in my life begins – I move out of my parents and into my own place. I’m also starting a book club on Kevin’s Watch in January, restarting my Book-a-Week posts here on the blog, and getting back on track as a GM over on my game.

Here’s hoping for even more new things and firsts in the year to come.


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