Brief Look Backward

Viewing stats led me to look back at some of the older posts on this blog (circa 2005) recently. I feel a little embarrassed for myself with some of them; I come across whiny and was constantly making excuses for not posting while still never having anything to say. (I still struggle with that last part a little.)

I’m occasionally tempted to go back and delete those posts, but that sort of self censorship would be a mistake, I think. That is who I was; this is who I am. I have to live with it. Plus it’s a reminder that I am getting better at it. A little.

One of the worst decisions I ever made was to delete a website. I was a teenager; it was a Pokemon fansite I’d been running for a few years. I’d written walkthroughs and guides, hosted other people’s work, and had active message boards. One day I decided I’d lost interest in Pokemon, and deleted it. Permanently. I will always regret that.


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