Some Lists Apropos of Nothing

Related to book discovery and social media.

Authors Whose Work I Read Because I’d Followed Their Blogs

    Elizabeth Bear
    Jeffrey Ford
    Jay Lake
    Nick Mamatas
    Ben Peek
    John Scalzi

Most of these are blogs I have kept up with regularly for the best part of a decade. A couple I followed for a year or two then stopped when I tried to cut down on time spent reading blogs.

Authors Whose Blogs or Twitter Accounts I Follow Whose Work I Will Definately Read in Future Because Of It

    Lauren Beukes
    The Bloggess
    Warren Ellis
    Jim C Hines
    Maureen Johnson
    Mary Robinette Kowal
    Seanan Maguire
    Chuck Wendig

Every one of these I have only started following in the past year, most since joining Twitter. Two I have bought books by – one before I followed the author online. All but two I had heard of before encountering their online presence.

What Does This All Mean?

Social media including blogs has been an important part of how I discover authors for a long time. There are much longer lists I could make of authors and books I have read or intend to read because they were mentioned by a writer I follow.

If an author is interesting/entertaining in their online presence, I will almost certainly check out their books at some point. And I’ll also check out the books by other authors they mention (Jeff VanderMeer has been responsible for a large portion of what I’ve read).

I almost never buy a book just because I came across it in a bookstore.


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