A Few Links

Good things seen on the web recently.

You should read this excellent essay by Kameron Hurley on the depiction of women in media and in history lessons, and its effect on cultural perceptions. And also llamas.

So you forget the llamas that don’t fit the narrative you saw in films, books, television – the ones you heard about in the stories – and you remember the ones that exhibited the behavior the stories talk about. Suddenly, all the llamas you remember fit the narrative you see and hear every day from those around you. You make jokes about it with your friends. You feel like you’ve won something. You’re not crazy. You think just like everyone else.

io9 has posted a very funny FAQ that tears apart the many, many plot holes in Star Trek Into Darkness. I saw the film a bit over a week ago, and while I did enjoy it, I can’t help but agree with the points made here. Note: Spoils the entire film.

And in fiction, I recently read this excerpt from the novel Rupetta by Nike Sulway, posted on Weird Fiction Review: The Miracle of Consciousness. It has easily convinced me to buy the full novel. Check it out.


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