Weekly Roundup

Another week in what I’ve watched and read:


This week’s book as China Miéville’s Embassytown, and I’ll get right to the point: This is one of my favourites of his so far. A story about language and communication, with Miéville’s very smart inventiveness providing a weird take on the dilemma of talking to aliens who engage with language differently from us. I will try to write up a longer post about this one.


A while back I picked up the big Blacksad hardback (by Juan Diaz Canales and Juanjo Guardino), and was pretty impressed with the art and the storytelling in this series about the eponymous private detective. This week I got the latest addition to that series, Blacksad: A Silent Hell. While it’s a little annoying that the publisher chose to put out a book containing one story in the same format and price as the previous book containing three, that doesn’t detract from the work itself. Once again we’re treated with the excellent watercolour artwork by Guardino; I particularly like the expressiveness of the various animal characters. The story I think was a little less strong than the previous ones, and the ambitious structure intertwining a one-night narrative with flashbacks to the days leading up to it didn’t quite work (I definately got confused about the order of events). But that’s only a minor detraction; overall Blacksad continues to be one of the better comics around.


Continuing with the big X-Files watch, I have now finished the first season. There was really a hell of a lot of monster-of-the-week on this show, with only a bare handful of episodes sharing in a larger continuity. The quality of the series did seem to go up a little on the final disk, from “Tooms” to the finale. I’m still interested, at least. I’d like to see more ongoing plot and less filler. Hopefully season two has more to offer.


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