Endings and Beginnings

For the last five years or so, I’ve been playing World of Warcraft. I’ve mentioned it before – it’s the reason I went quiet for over a year because I got in a bit too deep while unemployed. Anyway. This weekend, my raid group, the guild I’ve been with since I switched my account two years ago, decided it was done, and they’d not be continuing.

Which left me with a choice. I can try to find a new guild, start over with another group of total strangers, keep playing; or I can quit too. Right now, I’m looking at the second option.

I was on a six month renewal, so right now my account’s paid up until November. But I’ll not be raiding any more, and only playing casually. I’ll see the end of the current expansion pack, at least. After that, I’m done.

So what’s left is to decide what to do with my time. At the very least I’m gaining 6 hours every weekend, as well as all the other time spent logging in for little things. I don’t want to sink that time into watching TV, playing other games, or just checking Twitter.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be setting some time aside every day to do some writing. Blog posts at first: book posts, all the stuff I’ve been promising but not delivering for the last few months. After that, I hope I can talk myself into trying to write fiction again. I have a lot of ideas, but no idea what to do with them.

However it goes, there will be a change. In my life, and on this blog. Let’s see if I can do it right.


2 thoughts on “Endings and Beginnings

  1. I played WoW on and off for years. The transition period after quitting is kinda weird… so much extra time! I think I’m done for good now… but who knows?

    1. I’ve actually been playing a lot less recently anyway. When I lose interest in dailies and heroics it’s surprisingly easy to just stop logging in for anything but raids.

      That’s actually a big part of why the guild ended: people were only logging in to raid, and it was getting harder to keep enough reliable people in the raid team.

      I have gained a lot of free time as I cut down – now I just need to use it better!

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