Hal Duncan on why he will no longer self-identify with “Geekdom”

Author Hal Duncan has dropped the word “geek” from the name of his blog, and written a (characteristically long) post explaining why. I think it’s worth reading.

This is Why We Can’t Have Nerd Things

…if you’ve swallowed the idea that geek is already shorn of its core sense of social dysfunction, or is at least moving that way in the discourse, then absolutely you’re going to call the c*ntf*ckers on their bullshit that you can’t be a true geek because you’re patently not a whiny entitled tool, nursing your alienation on a diet of bitter self-valorisation. Sadly, I don’t see that fight as winnable.


Meanwhile, I’m still working on that long book post. There’s a part of me that’s worrying away: this is an old book so there’s nothing I can say that’s not been said before, I have no experience with this, I don’t know enough about the themes I’m trying to discuss, and so on… But this is more a personal exercise than anything, and I want to see it through, make it as good as I can, so I continue.

It still won’t be particularly good, because of all the above. But I’ll do it.


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