On Not Writing

The main reason I’ve not been consistently writing – and developing the skills I would need to write well – over all these years is that I’ve not been consistently writing.

That’s it. That’s always it: you don’t because you don’t.

And I chastise myself, I promise to put effort in, and I don’t all over again. It is unfortunately far too easy to give myself a break one night, and then take that same break the next night, and before I know it that’s no longer a break but just What I Do Instead of Writing.

Am I afraid of being bad at it? Am I daunted by the amount of work it takes to not be bad? Of course. But that’s not why I don’t do it. I don’t do it simply because doing nothing is easier than doing something.

I took a break last night. Less than a week into my new “write something every day” policy. This is me kicking myself for it.


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