This is hardly a substitute for writing a new post, but lately I’ve started using a link saving service for various things I get linked to – mostly from Twitter – and I figured I’d store and share the most interesting ones. Here’s the current batch.

1. Right up front I want to highlight the excellent report in Vice by Molly Crabapple following her visit to Guantanamo Bay, It Don’t Gitmo Better Than This. It’s a long but worthwhile read. If you look at nothing else I link here, at least look at this one.

2. Here’s a long and very interesting talk by anthropologist Gabriella Coleman about the Anonymous movement, in part relating them back to the archetype of the trickster.

3. Corey Lee Wrenn responds to the question, Are Male Allies Just Trying to Get Laid?, explaining how the attitude that generates the question is rooted in sexism.

4. On the positive side, Burglars Return Stolen Computers to Nonprofit – Along With Apology Note, when they find out that the organisation helps victims of sexual assault.

5. Chuck Wendig tells us Yes, Virginia, You Can Force Art.

6. Damien Walter writes at the Guardian about Science Fiction’s Invisible Women.

7. Finally, at Bookriot Peter Damien talks about The Day the Literature Died.

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