Thursday Linkdump

Another week, another load of links I’ve collected – a short one, this week. I’m trying to make sure I post at least one other thing in between these posts, so the blog’s not just a load of links.

Online Harassment

First up, here are a set of excellent talks on online harassment by Anita Sarkeesian, Kate Miltner and Laurie Penny.

Hating Female Characters

Anna Gunn talks about the online hatred directed toward her Breaking Bad character, then Maureen Ryan at the Huffington Post takes her point further, to talk about the way the creators failed in their use of the character in early seasons – and the same mistakes being made on other shows, and how it seems like things are finally changing.

Gender Disparity Among TV Writers

This piece discusses a comprehensive look into the number of male and female writers on major TV series in the US and UK in recent years. It highlights the lack of female creators in the industry on both sides, but in particular shows up just how much worse things are in the UK.

These linkdump posts are tending to focus a lot on gender and sexism. I do think it’s important to read and discuss these things, but I think I’ll try to pick up more light and fun links for next time.

I’ll have another post up soon talking about Elysium, which I saw on Sunday.

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