Thursday Linkdump

Time for my weekly post of interesting links. This is mostly just to make me post something at least once a week even when I have no ideas.

1. Guantanamo Again
Artist Molly Crabapple returned to Guantanamo Bay for a second visit, this time to tour the prison, and wrote up another excellent piece for Vice.

2. Batwoman Won’t Get Married
…As a result of editorial decisions which led to the writers quitting the comic. i09 talks about why DC’s explanation of the decision is bullshit.

3. Men Entering Traditionally Female Fandoms
Kameron Hurley wrote a piece talking about the entrance of men into My Little Pony fandom, and how men becoming fans of something somehow legitimises that fandom, while also marginalising women who had been in the fandom before them.

4. What Editors Really Think
…About your manuscript, but won’t put in the rejection letter.

And not a link I was saving, but: Are you listening to Welcome to Night Vale? No? Well go get on with it, then!

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