Thursday Linkdump

Quick one this time. I don’t like that these are all I’m posting lately, so I’ll try to write some new posts up over the next week.

1. Amplituhedron
As someone who studied physics, I find this stuff pretty fascinating. A new geometric shape that can be used to describe particle interactions in a much more efficient way. Read the original on Quanta Magazine if you want the full story.

2. Designing Cities with Women in Mind
This article in the Atlantic talks about how the city of Vienna in Austria is using “gender mainstreaming” to improve city planning. The idea is simple: they survey the people about how they use the city to determine what changes to make, and by deliberately looking at gender in the process, they can make it better for everyone. It’s not about designing things for men and designing them for women, it’s about remembering to take all activities into account.

3. Do Gamers Need Anita Sarkeesian’s Feminism
Here’s a video that talks about why Feminist Frequency, and the reactions to it, are important.

4. “Racists React To [thing]” posts are just passive white supremacy
In this post of the above title, David Brothers talks about recent trends of articles talking about all the racist reactions online to things like Nina Davuluri winning Miss America, and how by focusing on the extreme reactions and not the achievements of the person being reacted to, they amount to little more than an exercise in self-congratulation for not being as racist as those people. Further, he points out that constantly highlighting these extreme racist reactions serves to reinforce the idea that this is all racism is, and doesn’t help when it comes to recognising racism in its more subtle or institutional forms.

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