Friday Linkdump

Just gonna quickly throw out a few.

1. The Status Quo Does Not Need Worldbuilding
Good post by Kate Elliott on worldbuilding and how what’s not included can reinforce privileged and exclusive perspectives – as which things are taken for granted in a work of fiction is illustrative of the culture from which the work originated.

2. How LucasArts Fell Apart
I’m not someone who’s had much interest in these games or the studio before, but I found this article about what was happening at game studio LucasArts in the last couple of years before closure very interesting. And I think I would have very much liked to see that Boba Fett game – not as a Star Wars fan, but just as a gamer. (Though while reading this article you may get very sick of the phrase “according to people familiar with the project”.)

3. Wonder Woman
Rainfall Films made a short film to demonstrate how Wonder Woman could be done well. It’s not perfect, but it’s worth a watch. It really is about time one of the big studios actually made a female-centred superhero movie. (I’d really like to see someone tackle Batwoman, honestly, since I’m a big fan of that character, but I think the very fact that she’s named “Batwoman” lowers the chances of that ever happening significantly.)

4. Finally, Some Music
It’s not a new video, but I just saw it and I like it, so here you go: a Beastie Boys/Dandy Warhols mashup.


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