Thursday Linkdump

I need to think of more things to post about. Here’s this weeks collection of interesting things I’ve been reading online…

1. The Terrible Intimacy of @
Seanan McGuire talks about the way people on Twitter use @ (which directly links to a user’s profile, and notifies them that their username was mentioned), and how sometimes people will “@-check” her and then get upset when she responds.

Personally, I tend to avoid using @-names when talking about things like books on Twitter, because it just doesn’t feel right to try and draw the author’s attention to my tweet. Chances are, they could see what I’m saying anyway if they were looking out – and if they chose to respond that’s their decision, I am talking in public after all. But linking to them would seem like inviting their attention, when the things I say would usually be directed mainly to other readers. (Of course, I only have 12 followers and few of them are real people, so I’m mostly talking to myself. Like when I post on this place!)

2. On Women, Empathy, and Con Games
Robert Jackson Bennett talks about writing his first novel and realising he didn’t know how to write women – and why this might be so, for him and for other men who grow up in a male-privileged culture.

3. The Devil’s Steps
Here’s a nice little comic by Dan Berry. Enjoy.

4. The Great Library of Alexandria was Destroyed by Budget Cuts, Not Fire
Just what the title says. Interesting historical piece in io9 by Annalee Newitz about the reality of the famous Library’s decline and fall.

And also, some blather about me not writing again…
NaNoWriMo is next month, and I’m starting to see people talk about it. I have tried NaNoWriMo three times in the past – many years ago, probably documented on this blog somewhere – the first time writing about ten thousand words before burning out and losing interest, and the other two times barely getting started. I’m kind of tempted to try again, with the novel idea I’ve had stuck in my head for nine months, but I think the pace of NaNo would burn me out again.

…I want to try to write this, so I should just go ahead and write it, NaNoWriMo or no, but fear of failure and chronic procrastination stops me. I get torn between the idea of wanting to do this, and the fact that I never do. To admit that I’ll never get around to it feels wrong, even though it’s likely the truth.


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