Twenty Eight

It’s that day of the year where I increase by one the number people occasionally ask me about for some reason. I took the day off work, just because I could.

There isn’t really anything going on today. Yesterday was more something: out to dinner with most of the family, and my Dad finally doing some wallpapering I’ve needed doing since I moved in January. I got given plenty of cash, though, so I figured I’d go out shopping today and spend it. Thought that’d make a good day, with a “here’s all the stuff I got with my birthday money!”.

In the end, though, I didn’t get all that much, and spent half my time out looking for a birthday present for someone else. I bought myself two new shirts, two cheap DVDs of films I watched recently on Netflix (Amelie and Lust, Caution), and two comics (Battling Boy and Rachel Rising vol 1). The problem is that every time I go out shopping now I remember that I have stuff back at home that I’ve not read yet, which puts a damper on my enthusiasm for buying all the things.

Maybe the crappy weather got to me, too. Somehow I ended the trip feeling like I’d wasted my time, but since that’s not a great attitude to go with I’m choosing to ignore it. Better to think that sometime soon I’ll have Wonderbook, and The Last Dark. This will be a good week.


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