Thursday Linkdump

It’s a big one, this week. I always have trouble deciding what order to post these in… Guess I’ll start with writing-related stuff then move on.

1. The Worst Ways To Begin Your Novel

2. Wonderbook
This came out last week from Jeff VanderMeer, it’s an excellent illustrated writing guide, which I’m slowly reading through (and trying to follow the writing exercises). Here are a couple of interesting interviews about the book:
Interview with Jeff VanderMeer
Interview with artist Jeremy Zerfoss

3. Maureen Johnson on Dealing with Criticism

4. Kameron Hurley on Why Being “Good” Isn’t Good Enough

5. Let’s Talk About Racism in the Classics, on BookRiot

6. On Video Game Reviews
Focusing largely on Bioshock Infinite, but talking about reviews in general, Tevis Thompson has some interesting points to make.

7. A review of DSM-5, the new dystopian novel from the American Psychiatric Association

8. Myke Cole on True Grit

9. Petra Collins on Censorship and the Female Body

10. L Gwenn on Sexy Objects and the People Inside Them

11. Interview with Laurie Penny on Cybersexism

12. Author Ann Leckie with an interesting essay on the human mind
(The headline on the article really doesn’t seem to fit the content.)

13. And finally, some science news on possible new ways to make smaller particle accelerators


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