Thursday Linkdump

And since it’s Halloween, I’m throwing in a few links on that theme. Those’ll be at the bottom.

1. A Good Men’s Rights Movement is Hard to Find
On the problems with “men’s rights” communities online and the harm they’re doing to women and men.

2. I Got Better
Wil Wheaton on depression.

3. It’s Not a Real Heart, It’s a Real Artificial Heart
Ann Leckie on the question of the “significance” of works of SF/F fiction that do better than usual with regard to sexism and racism, but are otherwise similar to other works.

4. Putting Time Into Perspective
A series of images showing time on various scales, and how little of it we’ve been around for.

And for Halloween:

5. Out of Skin

6. The Little Witch
(Found via The Bloggess)

7. The Thing of the Fourble Board
(Found via Kate Beaton)


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